Swine Flu & Whole Thyroid

Swine Flu & WTE

There has been a lot of information in the media regarding the swine flu, but not too much about its connection to Whole Thyroid Extract.. In New Zealand the active ingredient in the WTE we use is Nature-throid, manufactured by RLC Labs. The Chief Science Officer, Dai Jinn has made the following statement ...

"In my reading and discussion," he said, "the very last concern I had regarding H1N1 is any transmission within our food supply, which would include pork-based thyroid medication. Although the origin hasn't been confirmed as to the recent outbreak, we do know that this virus has been identified and the new strain is an amalgam. It is a virus, and the way viruses commonly spread is by airborne sources."

Nature-Throid and other pork-derived products, Dai was clear: "I think it is very important to acknowledge the fact that no cases have been reported from anyone having ingested any pork-based products in the history of this virus." 
"Our current supply of porcine thyroid is from a  supplier that has no known cases (origin) of swine flu." He added, "I also don't believe that the virus can survive the purification and desiccation process and be viable at the end 'product' stage. I do have concerns about a pandemic, but not due to the spread of the virus by oral consumption of pork-based food and thyroid products."

There is much information available on the internet, I have added some links below for your quick reference.

Official Statement from Nature-throid - http://www.thyroidscience.com/press.releases/RLC.Labs/Swine.Influenza.RLC.Statement.pdf

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