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12 March, 2020, thanks to many, many hours of invaluable work by Belinda Hodson, our petition made it to Parliament. Belinda and Isabel Bennett met with Greg O’Connor, Labour MP for Ohari and Marja Lubeck, a Labour list MP.

For more detail, please check out  the following links - CHANGE our WORLD - TANZ

 - TANZ petition to NZ Parliament -  2020 

Here is our written submission to Louisa Wall (the 2 documents, which have been split by Parliament across the 4 links below. To read our submission, you will need to open each link to read online or download all 4 documents on to your PC.

The Thyroid Association of New Zealand is a patient-to-patient support group, started in July 2008, using the name New Zealand Thyroid Association.
We are a voluntary organisation, whose founding members came together when GSK changed their Eltroxin formulation, causing many adverse reactions among users.
We believe that every person has the right to be healthy and symptom-free and the right to a treatment plan that works for them.  We feel it is time for the medical profession to amend the current protocol regarding the treatment of thyroid disorders, particularly hypothyroidism. There are no membership fees and no hoop-jumping required - just request membership to our Facebook group  - please remember to tell us why you want to join,  otherwise your request will be declined.


  • Increase awareness of the prevalence of hypothyroidism, and the difficulties facing patients in obtaining a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment within the NZ Health system

  • Provide educational and emotional support to patients and their families.

  • Offer information on available treatment options for the general public and the medical profession

  • Provide advocacy on behalf of thyroid disorder sufferers (both hypo and hyper) with government and the medical professions

  • Help encourage people to actively participate in taking control of their own health

  • Pursue the need for open and free access to independent and accurate information both at the time of diagnosis and thereafter

  • See more alternative synthetic T4 medication permanently subsidised by Pharmac and to eventually obtain funding for Whole Thyroid Extract and T3 medication as well.


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Always consult your own medical practitioner if you are in any way concerned about your health.

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