The objective of this Register is to draw to the attention of those responsible authorities the dire need for an urgent re-examination of the existing protocol for the diagnosis and management of the those suffering the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Dr Gordon Skinner in the UK has made it absolutely clear that he sincerely believes that the only way forward to get justice for all those suffering the symptoms of hypothyroidism, is to form a World Thyroid Register with at least 50,000 signatories, who, at a future date, may be asked to contribute a one off payment of £20 or perhaps $30, which will be used to mount an effective campaign to redress this problem. Dr Skinner believes that we have a great case to make for medical justice for the quarter million folks in the UK and probably millions world-wide, against government offices, and certain medical offices, but he sincerely hopes that this will not be necessary. However, at the end of the day, we cannot allow all these patients to be abandoned to a poor quality existence because of inexplicable obduracy among the medical profession and the medical establishment. We MUST do something now. SO PLEASE, TAKE JUST A MOMENT TO SIGN DR SKINNER'S REGISTER HERE and please ask your family and friends to sign it also.

PLEASE NOTE: This questionnaire is for the use of ONLY those people who were prescribed levothyroxine (T4-only) that failed to relieve or eliminate their symptoms, who then started using a T3 containing hormone (liothyronine, Cytomel or natural thyroid extract).

All responses will be collated automatically online.