A new petition aimed at Endocrinologists around the world has been created by Michelle Bickford.

Thyroid patients are increasingly aware that there is a deficiency in thyroid knowledge among endocrinologists. As specialists of the endocrine system, the title, endocrinologist, expresses expertise and richness in experience. Despite the promise of this title, we, the patients with thyroid dysfunction, are still suffering. The quality of our lives is diminished due to the difficulty we have finding doctors who are effective in thyroid management. The patient experience seems to demonstrate that there are large numbers of endocrinologists who are unable to diagnose thyroid disorder and/or have outdated knowledge of treatment methods.

Please sign this petition in an effort to increase awareness of this problem and hopefully, effect change.



Thyroid Patient Advocacy (Reg. Charity No. 1138608) www.tpa-uk.org.uk is in the process of creating the first world register to T4-only therapy.  This short, but extremely important survey is applicable only to those who continued to suffer symptoms on T4-only therapy, and who found those symptoms were mitigated or disappeared once they were started on a T3 hormone containing product.

The Register of counterexamples will be used to draw to the attention of those responsible authorities throughout the world, the dire need for an urgent re-examination of the existing protocol for the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and challenge those studies previously undertaken (900 participants) that concluded that T4/T3 combination worked no better than T4-only.

 Counterexamples prove incontrovertibly that endocrinology's stance is dangerously wrong. Doctor’s continuance of practising in line with the T4-only treatment diktat for all sufferers of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is pernicious. The number of patient counterexamples, at the present time, stands at 1610.

 (A counterexample is a situation which fits the concept or premise of an idea but produces a different result.  To be responsible, a scientist who finds a counterexample to his idea, must limit or abandon his idea as unworkable or not reliable.  The T4-therapy does not work for all.)

If you fit this category, you should complete the 3 questions with either 'YES', 'NO' or N/A here  http://www.tpa-uk.org.uk/register_of_counterexamples.php . All responses will be collated online, and email addresses (if provided) will be used ONLY for contact at a later date should this becomes necessary.


TPA-UK is an independent user-led organisation established to ensure that all thyroid disease sufferers are given a correct diagnosis and receive effective treatment.           
TPA believes all patients should have access to all relevant tests and treatment, including synthetic or natural T3.        
As a result, TPA campaigns for better education in diagnostics and treatment and provides extensive support and guidance for all sufferers.           
In TPA's efforts, the following critical questions are being asked but remain unanswered: