Thyroid Association of New Zealand

On 25th May 2016, our association wrote to the New Zealand Medical Council (NZMC) outlining issues thyroid patients have in 5 key areas and seeking their help so that NZ patients receive better thyroid treatment.

On 7th June we received a reply saying that they had no jurisdiction to help us with our concerns and listed 6 organisations who did, including the Ministry of Health.  On 4th July, Belinda met with Hon Peter Dunne, Associate Health Minister to explain why we had written to the NZMC, get a second opinion on the medical council’s letter and seek advice on what we should do next. He advised us to redirect our letter to Dr Jonathon Coleman, Minister of Health as his health advisors at Parliament would then co-ordinate a response across the organisations identified in the NZMC’s letter. He offered to ensure that our letter to Dr Coleman would not get pigeon-holed or unanswered though he could not guarantee what the response might be. He advised that if we wrote directly to the 6 organisations in the NZMC letter ourselves, we would be less likely to get a reply or our concerns might fall through the cracks.

To that end, we have redirected our letter to Dr Jonathon Coleman CC Hon Peter Dunne and they have now received it. It will be some time before we get a response. In the meantime, we are meeting with Kevin Hague and Rhyiad Thomas from the Green Party on August 11th to explain why we have written the letter and understand what they might be able to do to help us. They have both received copies. 

Our letter to Dr Coleman includes our letter to NZMC which now also includes the UKThyroid diagnostic and treatment guidelines for doctors released on 1 July 2016; (Thanks to Jo Morris for that) You are most welcome to give this letter to you doctor, local MP or anyone else you have in mind.

Downloads: - Response from NZMC here